Fina Ejerique

Create collections that are on trend but without loosing sight of what is a priority, creating comfortable pieces for boys and girls and remaining truthful to there own style.

Every new season is a welcoming opportunity to get playful with the patterns, shapes and fabrics to design pieces of clothing for our little ones.


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Fina Ejerique

In 1993 Fina Ejerique founded its brand with a clear mission: launching a children’s fashion collection to the market by offering comfortable clothes with a high quality standard and the passion of home-made products.

The company has been increasing (growing) thanks to the strong motivation and constant efforts and we have been joined by qualified experts who have wholly absorbed our philosophy, which remains unchanged from the beginning: honesty, daily work and respect.

After more than 20 years experience, I am completely sure that nobody has dedicated their lives to this business as our team has done. We have a commitment to deliver the best by putting before the customer to company revenues. That is certainly one of the main reasons to understand why our company keeps manufacturing at home and rejects the production in very famous today low-cost countries.

Thanks to your trust, we are still able to start working every morning with the same enthusiasm just like the first day, and this is for us the real profit of this company.