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Christmas gifts for stylish kids: a quick guide

Christmas gifts for stylish kids: a quick guide

For some, Christmas shopping is always a breeze; stories circulating about *that* person who has it all sorted by September can make your head spin. Most of us, however, leave it till a few weeks beforehand at least (about 1 in 4, according to Which?). Many of us will deal with indecision over what to buy every year, and it can be especially tricky to pick out gifts for children. But never fear: here are a few useful tips for choosing the best children’s clothing presents this winter.

1. Useful, but special

A fluffy pair of mittens, pom-pom hat or Christmassy pyjamas will be appreciated by kids and parents alike (though it’s wise to check with parents what the children already have). These don’t have to be boring gifts, either: luxurious textures, cosy fabrics and lots of sparkles make for wintry items that kids will absolutely adore. There’s no such thing as too fluffy, colourful or glittery! Failing that, try a sleep-enhancing pillow spray or detangling product from Love Boo (available on our website) to make Christmas bedtimes extra special.

2. Don’t fall into the ‘pink and girly’ trap

As pretty as ribbons and pastels are, more and more people are realising how restrictive the notion of “girl = pink and frilly” can be. If you know what the child you’re buying for absolutely loves, you’re all set – but if you’re not sure, a smart coat, new trainers or crown-print T-shirt from our range will suit everyone. For younger kids, our Tooth Fairy pouches and plush Dream Friends are a cute choice for all.

3. Think outside the box… and inside the bag

Looking to minimise waste this year? Instead of a traditionally wrapped present, try putting a few stocking stuffers in a cool shoulder bag or mini backpack. A selection of sequined hair accessories (try one of our bow clips, or a Back to School hair set), a pair of warm socks or even a wand can make a great surprise, and the bag can then be worn and loved for Christmases to come. It’s an easy multi-part gift with great utility too!

Browse our winter range today for a selection of wonderful gifts, and Merry Christmas from Little Leggs!

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