Childrens Shoes

How many pairs of shoes to buy your toddler

If you have a toddler, it’s difficult to know exactly what to buy them. They grow so quickly, so you don’t want to spend money buying too much – but they often get covered in mud and wear their shoes out so quickly! There are a few staple shoes that you should buy your toddler, to make sure that they have the right ones for every occasion. Here are our suggestions on what shoes to buy your toddler.


Wellies are a must for toddlers. Any kid aged 1-4 loves jumping in puddles and getting muddy, but this can obviously cause big problems with cleaning! Wipe-clean wellies are therefore the best option. Make sure that these are one of the first pairs of shoes that you buy your toddler.

Running shoes

Wellies are great for muddy places, but they won’t be appropriate everywhere. Get your toddler some running shoes which are versatile for outdoors and indoors. These should have a wipe-clean surface – they will also get dirty – but when clean, they should be appropriate for inside, for example at a casual restaurant or around a shopping mall.

Smart shoes

Your toddler won’t need too much smart wear, but they should have some plain black shoes that are good for anywhere that trainers aren’t suitable. Think about getting the kind of shoes that children wear to school, but in a smaller size.

Jelly Sandals

Toddlers shouldn’t wear flip flops or backless sandals – they are likely to trip over with these. The alternative is jelly sandals. These sandals are breathable and waterproof, so they are great for holidays, especially for paddling in the sea! The sandals are sturdy and have straps which means trips will be a minimum. You won’t get much use for these in the winter, but they are a must for summertime.

As you can see, toddlers don’t need too many shoes in their wardrobe. A good pair of wellies, trainers, smarter shoes and jelly sandals are really all that they need. It might also be a good idea to buy shoes the month that you need them. For example, just purchase jelly sandals in the summer – this way, you know that you’ll get ultimate use while your child is the right size.

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