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Dressing kids for the 4 beautiful seasons

As we near the end of winter and the beginning of spring, it can be really difficult to know what to dress your kids in. The changing seasons bring such unreliable weather with snow one minute and sunshine the next. Clothes that are stylish and practical are always the order of the day, but how can you keep kids ready for the weather when it changes so much? The answer is layering and here are three examples of how to use it:


A warm winter coat is a staple in any child’s wardrobe. However, for days when the sun keeps popping in and out from behind clouds, a thick coat may quickly become too hot, but taking it off would be too cold. Layering a jumper underneath a lightweight jacket or gilet will keep children protected against cold winds, without making them too hot if the sun comes out. A lightweight raincoat is also great if sunshine and showers are forecast.

Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are a favourite of little girls’ fashion, however, sometimes these outfits are forgotten about during the colder months and only brought out for summer. Layering is a great way to make this clothing suitable for winter. Pop a pair of tights or knee-high socks underneath to keep little legs warm in colder months. You can even change how thick the tights are depending on the weather outside or, if it gets warm during the day, take them off altogether. Similarly, try putting a top underneath a summer dress for a fashionable and practical cold-weather outfit.


Accessories can save the day when it comes to changeable weather. If you’ve left the house under a bright blue sky and it suddenly turns overcast and windy, having a knitted hat, scarf or gloves with you can make any outfit more suited to the cold. Similarly, a pair of sunglasses and a cap will keep little ones looking stylish and protected from the sun should it make a surprise appearance.

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