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Kids with something to say – 4 brilliant spring fashion trends

Diversity, on message tops and seasonless slow styling. As spring approaches, kids fashion bursts from the pandemic with a nod to cultural shifts.

Durable, long-lasting and timeless comfort clothing is in. Muted throwbacks to the 70s and 90s are flowing through styles and touches and hints from nature are everywhere.

At a glance – the fashion styles for kids in spring 2021

Taking a browse at the industry for spring 2021 launches, these are the colours and shapes seeping through kids fashion:

  • For babywear, earthy and green tones with minimalist, utilitarian, unisex greys and blacks
  • Bright colours for toddlers and schoolers – yellow, red, mint, coral blue
  • Animal prints, garden themes and nature shapes
  • Handcrafted pieces and patchwork
  • Retro themes with a touch of the 70s
  • Oversized comfort clothing is back from the 90s

Slowing it down

The fashion industry has taken an inward look at itself and started to rip up the annual norms.

Traditional seasonal releases are blurring with an eye on sustainability. Overhauling your kid’s wardrobe four times a year simply isn’t in it for the long haul.

Take florals and pastels, they’re permeating through spring to autumn with the intent of crafting pieces intended to last multiple seasons.

Dancing with diversity

Notions of gender and norms are blurring at a rapidly revolving rate.

Comfort is firmly at the forefront of children’s fashion meaning dressing your kids in what they feel cheerful in matters more than the traditional “boys” and “girls” lines.

The family look

That doesn’t mean you have to dress boys and girls alike. One trend noted is the “family look” – where you all dress to a theme – together in unity.

We’re thinking tracksuits, sweaters, geometric prints and stripes flowing through mum, dad, elder kid and little ones. Holiday wardrobes – once they return – will the sunny expression of this look.

Getting the message across

Few of us want our children to become walking billboards with overtly political messages but the world has something to say right now and kids fashion points this way.

Spring 2021 represents the beginning of the world opening back up and fashion will reflect upon us all emerging from lockdown to express our feelings.

Tops adorned with muted meaning and the written word translating as a pattern in itself. Asserting the right of all to speak their minds perhaps. Smile, Be Kind, environmental meaning and, dare we say it, a subtle expression of a world awakening to a new dawn, one which questions the political norms which led us here.

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