LittleLeggs fantastic showcase childrens designers

From grandmothers who started out dressing their darlings to the creations worn by celebrities, we’re proud to showcase some of the very best children’s fashion designers.

LittleLegs feature over 40 fine designers, here we meet just a handful of our favourites and learn the inspiration behind their kid’s clothing ranges.

Kissy Kissy – from Peru to prints

Approaching its 25th birthday, “”Kissy Kissy was founded by Roxana Castillo. Born in Peru, Castillo (who was once a volunteer baby cuddler) now resides in the US but her kid’s clothes are still made in the country of her birth.

Celebs including Elton John, Salma Hayek and Gwen Stefani are all fans of Kissy Kissy creations which are made from Peruvian pima cotton which is celebrated for being super soft and durable.

Kissy Kissy is renowned for its pyjamas, babygrows, playsuits, and accessories for little ones. Celebrate that short stage in your baby’s life with these sweet, cuddly creations.

Rachel Riley – clothing the royals

What began as a “bit of fun” for London-born fashion designer, Rachel Riley, has transformed into designing clothes for the children of celebrities and the royals.

Rachel’s “” kid’s clothing range is inspired by eras gone by with hints of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

The Rachel Riley line went stratospheric in 2014 when Prince George was pictured wearing a pair of the label’s dungarees during a tour of New Zealand.

Mitch & Son – born with boys in mind

Founded in Scotland in 2013, ”” Mitch & Son is the boy’s range from children’s clothing designers Panache.

Featuring co-ordinated classics and trendy bold designs, Mitch & Son produce designer coats, shirts, shorts, tops and socks at affordable prices. Standout pieces include Mitch & Son branded tracksuits and jackets.

With easy to wear, comfortable and functional styling, the award-winning creations are the brainchild of Glasgow couple Andrew and Michelle Molly. Daughter Layla joined the company in 2015 and the company offer three fresh collections each season.

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