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Keep your babies warm this winter

Winter is a joyful season filled with festivities for you and your family to go out and enjoy. There is something quite cosy and special about getting your children wrapped up warm for a crisp winter walk, or for a day out Christmas shopping, fully complete with the delicious winter treats and warm cups of hot chocolate of course. The drop in temperature means that keeping your young ones from getting too cold should be high up in your priorities, and you should take the necessary steps to keep them warm and well.

Why staying warm is important

It is important that your children, especially babies, stay warm over the winter period. Babies use up a lot of energy to maintain their body temperature when they are cold. If your baby’s core body temperature drops one degree below normal, they will use up 10 percent more oxygen trying to keep warm, and this leads to a reduction in energy reserves. If your young ones get too cold, they can become ill and it can take them a long time to get better.

Layering up

Layering up is a good way to keep the options open if you are out and about. You can simply take layers off if your baby’s forehead feels warm, or if you notice they look cold. This can mean pairing up rompers with dresses, tops, and shorts, then finishing it up with a warm and snuggly coat or jacket on top.

If you are travelling by car, it is important to bear in mind that if they are still wrapped up in all their layers, they may overheat so it is a good idea to take the bigger coats or jackets off before you strap them in.


Make sure you keep hats, scarves and gloves accessible for when it gets nippy. It is important that these are made from good quality material that won’t irritate your child’s skin, and will provide that essential warmth to keep your baby comfortable and happy.

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